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With crimes constantly being presented as entertainment, the human victims at the center of these terrifying stories are too often forgotten and neglected. Survivor’s Guide to True Crime was created to disrupt the status quo.

Join hosts Kimberly Corban and Kara Robinson Chamberlain each week as they offer space for conversations that go beyond the true crime headlines—with the very people who survived them. 

Kim and Kara connect with fellow crime survivors on this one-of-a-kind podcast where each guest tells their own stories.  Explore the countless ways these victims decided to embrace their power and nurture their own healing, transforming themselves into survivors. 

Through these conversations, Survivor's Guide to True Crime seeks to educate and empower listeners—inspiring individuals with calls to action and providing tools to create stronger communities.


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Each week, hear a new "true crime" survivor share their story.

Through their disclosures, learn more about hope and healing in the aftermath of their experience as a victim of crime.

Listeners are provided with a call to action and opportunities to further support guests. 

Meet Our Hosts

Kimberly Corban and Kara Robinson Chamberlain are media and victim's assistance trained survivors. The two friends created, produce, and serve as the hosts of Survivor's Guide to True Crime.

"You'll never look at true crime content the same."


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